[New world, not sure wonderful] Changes by Autonomous Vehicles (#1)



If say “autonomous vehicle,” it is not immediately accepted as an artificial intelligence robot.

However, the fact is autonomous car is an artificial intelligence robot specialized in “transportation”

that sees the road with radar, judges for itself, drives by itself to the destination.


Robots resemble human figures like the T-800 appearing in movies usually, but most robots do not need

to resemble human figures at all. Rather, it is manufactured to maximize the work efficiency.

Therefore, the robot for transportation is made into an automobile shape, and the robots for the factory 

are made of multi-axis processing machines.



If a military robot is coming in near future (or already?), it will be more like “autonomous tanks” and

“autonomous combat drones” rather than the beloved T-800 in Hollywood.

Simply put the autonomous driving function into an unmanned tank or drones, add function to identify

the enemies, and then fire them automatically. That’s it!

A robot resembled a human figure will only be needed for a special field where direct interaction

with humans is must.  to be discussed separately…






An innocent looking Google autonomous drive car. But…..
It has the head of the T-800 shown below, basically.




Auto-3 small.jpg

The T-800 has casted in the film couple of times, but it will probably never be placed on the battle.
Going to the battlefield will be an unmanned tank in autonomous driving & autonomous killing.
It will be a ruthless metal chunk of death…




Artificial intelligence (AI) will bang human society and history at the end, but we still have time

to wait anxiously as whom waiting sentence. It’s not long though…


Because AI for autonomous driving is relatively simple, practical implementation is not far away

(most players say 2020 or so) and will trigger industrial restructuring on a global scale.

It also will accellerate AI application all around & will change our life no matter good or bad.


It is simply inevitable and unavoidable, thus better to watch out what will happen

in transportation robot things….  It is just beginning.



   1. Google and Tesla test results

   2. The mass production of 4th generation autonomous vehicles will begin in 2021

   3. First victim, taxi industry and trucking

   4. What it does mean ‘own a car’?

   5. Vehicle sharing and rental car area

   6. The biggest victim, the automotive industry

   7. Who will survive?




 to be continue   //




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