[New World, not sure wonderful] Google spun off self-driving car to WAYMO. Commercialization is coming….

Changes in Autonomous Vehicle literally happens every month    : -)

Google’s autonomous car project spun off (from Lab level) and has been transformed into a ‘company’ WAYMO

which will generate commercial products. It means AV commercialization is not far away, probably not in 2011

as mentioned previously, but much earlier ….

Google WAYMO has partnership with Fiat-Chrysler Group and they will release commecial AV, Pacifica minivan early next year.

Initially sell about 100 units for a real life AV driving. Then, depends on the result of course, mass production of self driving cars

will follow out of Fiat-Chrysler portfolio, as a matter of time.


The Autonomous Vehicle Pacifica, Chrysler vans equipped with LIDAR

Business direction of WAYMO is NOT the ‘car manufacturer’. It is ‘ autonomous driving technology company’.

It means WAYMO not produce a car, rather sells self-driving technology to existing carmakers.

Too bad ‘Google Koala’ will NOT be available for customer…

Currently 2 players drive real life testing, the Tesla and Uber. Uber is a late comer in this field but already finished

the commissioning of autonomous trucks in the United States, and running the autonomous taxi fleet (small number) in Singapore.

It is probably these aggressive players narrowing the technology gap so fast that Google decided spun off SDC suddenly

to a full-fledged company.

It is real. AV is coming fast    : -)



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