Opeanut community promotion souvenir – T-shirts ready to ship out


Dear all Opeanuts


The first batch of Opeanut T-shirts is ready to ship. This is souvenir to promote on-line activity of Opeanut community.

Thanks to members who give support and help to prepare and run this project. It requires time and effort to deal with

communication, design and details. It took less than 2 months from ‘idea’ to ‘product’ as the initial idea posted on Jan 21.


What it is for?    This T-shirt is souvenir for regular Opeanut member gives activity in community

Elligible for?      Opeanut regular member who get 270 point or more within 3 month after sign up

* how ‘points’ acquired?

– Sign up gives 70 points, and become regular member at 90 points

– Login 1, Comment 1, Board and Gallery 2, Essay and report which consisted with large number of photo

and writing 3 point

– Maximum point per day is 9


How to get :          Once a month, Admin will check out members who joined 3 month before & got 270 or more point

and send message / mail to them.

– check if he/she wants souvenir, size and address

– if no reply in 2 months, not elligible for souvenir any longer


What next: :          To avoid waiting too long after Opeanut T-shirts project started, run in production in small quantity as pilot.

Design & contents can be changed in next lot. Elligibility can be modified depends on situation. Request

your feedback and opinion



At previous posting, not only ‘Souvenir’ but also ‘Presents’ mentioned. Presents is award  for excellent writing, photo

or essay. Leather camrea strap is under design phase now. The progress of this project will be updated in next posting.



Thank you very much.