Opeanut Taiwan : 1st meetup in new year

By experience, the weather in Korea and Taiwan moves synchronized way, I know, with about 20 degree offset.

It was cold in Taipei today, exceptionally cold. Rain pours 5 days on and off. Problem is even when it stops from time to time,

no sunshine due to heavy cloud over. It was 6 degree Celsius in the morning in Taipei & I found Seoul was negative 15 Celsius degree.

Who says it is sub-tropical weather in Taiwan?

Today, we have the first Opeanut meet up in this year. From left, Frank, Evita, me, Marzia & Paul.

As usual we talk about photo and show what we carry, something new and something very old & unusual stuff.


Paul shows big interest to old cranky Hasselblad SWC which assembled with another old chunky Leaf Valeo digital back.

This back is phenomenal at photo shooting site. It tangled with wires, hold battery and hard disk underneath & sounds

really big & loud BEEF whenever click the shutter.

It makes photographer to labor worker too if photo session include walking around…hhh




Anyway it delivers beautiful tone in ISO 25 and crisp rendering from CCD if handle properly.

Right. Key message here is ‘if handled properly’. It demands study and mastering of operation this chunky cranky masterpiece.

But it will reward definitely if you do so.

Frank play with his film camera


Have a glass of wine warms up, we talk and explore ideas about ‘community build up’ and ‘projects’.

Basically I share my view of ‘projects’ as enabler of community building rather than direct outcome from them.

And very glad when I found Marzia has similar but not the same idea about projects.

There’ll be no synergy if everyone think the same way…

Paul, big & trusty guy brings complaint about difficulty to get into the site.

Now I am serious about it. I’ve got used the site long time, so I know all the tips and trick to make things easier.

But for visitor, it will be frustrating experience if they can not figure out what to do next immediately…

OK, it’s time to take action and start preparation for next meetup.


Opeanut Taiwan


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