Ordered Sony A7m2, Leica M helicoid adapter & Canon EF adapter


A7R2, I paid strong attention, collected bunch of rumors and investigate detail specs once released and ordered A7m2 (Yes, it’s m2!!!)


Sony put their effort, technical capability and great hope together to this body to get winning track in fierce racing.

As usual, price will be more reasonable & comfortable around year-end period than this summer, right after release.

But my beloved Ricoh GXR-M is already on the way to Britain, to my English friend, so no way to wait until the end of the year…


Ricoh GXR-M is a piece of master mind, almost… It is well balanced camera which delivers pleasing result with Leica M mount lenses.

Recently we observed Leica M8 price drop to the level of commodity, but then still quite expensive and luxury for amatuer photographers.

Only complaint for GXR-M as Leica platform is long memory writing time which I can not understand at all.

GXR-M has a buffer memory to hold 4 shot of ‘Raw + JPG’ so I understand it will take time after 4 continous shots. But actually GXR-M takes

extra writing time even 1 shot shooting. It does not store image to buffer before writing to memory even though it has…

(Who’s designer in Ricoh?)


Sony A7 is the mighty platform which can take ‘almost all’ lenses ever produced in the world. But only issue is it is not optimized to Leica flange.

So wide angle lenses (except Retrofocus), like 15mm f4.5 from Cosina shows severe color fringe and smearing image on A7 series.

On the other hand, GXR-M made for Leica M from the design board as the name implies, therefore optimized to Leica 27.8mm flange lenses

in terms of micro lens over prixel wells. GXR-M never shows problem on 15mm f4.5 lens (also smaller APS-C sensor helps…)










** Leica M adapter

One of problem, or at leastt inconvenient matter of RF lens is the lack of close focus capability. These days, with helicoid apater

for Sony E body, it could be fixed easily. Thanks to Chinese offering cheaper dupper all kind of adapter stuffs.

It will take 2-3 weeks from Hong Kong to Taipei, because seller will send cheapest way without tracking number.

I suspect they put the adapter into bottles and throw them South China sea, then some bottles arrived the north coast of Taiwan

2-3 weeks later…. so called ‘cheapest way’



** Canon EF adapter

A big hit even before actual A7R2 arrived to customers, is surprisingly improved AF speed with Canon EF lens.

There are many Hands-on report & Youtube showing A7R2 performs the same or very close in AF speed with EF lens, 24mm or

16-35mm to original FE lens.

— I wonder why they test wide angle lens. Is there any wide angle which suffers AF? They all have large enough depth of field.

    Why not test more tricky 50mm f1.2 or 85mm f1.8???? —



** And why no one mention anything about A7m2 + Canon EF lens combination?

Is it because still mediocle as before, A7 or A7R or simply didn’t pay enough attention?


A7R2 claims its amazing AF performance come from 399 phase detection pixels and 25 contrast detection areas….but they were there

from A7m2. Aren’t they? There should be no fundamental difference in AF even though number of phase detection pixel differs.

With firmware upgrade, I believe substantial improvements possible for A7m2 (or should I say ‘I hope’? We’ll see…)






* Zi-Reum

It is basically self-entertaining for excitement, healing….whatever… through buying something, in this case new camera.

Fun part started from the moment of ordering and ended at the moment the box opened.    C’est la vie.

Still we enjoy….







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