Photo-Travel walk in Seoul, Namsan traditional village & trail with city view

Date : Saturday, June 18, 2016

Time : 1:30 PM

Meeting place : ChungMuRo subway station Line 3/4, Exit #3

                           (In front of Maeil Economics building)

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This is the first Seoul meetup with 3 parties collaboration:
   – Travel-Writing workshop & meetup                 (Hana LaRock)
– On line meetup Photo-Travel-Writing Korea   (Leo Kim, Bryan Watkins)
–                                                      (HeeDo Kim)

Theme : Networking with photographers, travellers and writers in Seoul

               Visit and enjoy old and new streets, talk, drink & get inspired   : – )

Course : Namsan traditional village – Time capsule park – Namsan trail – Namsan park – Namsan N tower – Beacon fire

               – An Joong Geun Memorial     (about 7 Km / 3 hours expected)


What’s along the road?

   – Namsan traditional village is a park gathering 6 traditional houses in Seoul

       Expect busy with tourist, wedding couples in traditional custom & photographers

   – Namsan trail is moderate tracking course with various city views

       Relax & easy walk, talk and take pictures along the way


  – Trail end is the beginning of Myung-Dong.

     It is center of Seoul city & connected to Namdaemoon, crowded with people, shop & energetic atmosphere.

  – Will have dinner, Bibimbab (8k – 10k won)

    Depends on size of group, each meetup may have separate ‘after meeting’, or just ‘group together’

    === End of Meetup / about 5:30 – 6:00 PM ===

** Namsan traditional village


After meetup?

  – Feel free to leave or continue explore the area with new friends

  – Myong-Dong and Namdaemoon are very energetic, nice place for night & street photo.

  – Both are the place for shopping, shopping and SHOPPING.

*** Myoungdone night


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