[Photoshop, Panorama] Sint Catharina church, Eindhoven


The ‘Sint Catharina church’ is located in the Eindhoven Centrum. It is the twin-tower church that comes out in the “Cafe Zusje” scenery taken from the hotel window. I made casual shots with A6000 as if a point-and-shoot thing.

I stitched the following 4 pictures vertically as below, left is bottom and right is top. Simply upload them in Lightroom, select ‘Merge to Panorama in Photoshop’

Panorama’ed from Photoshop

The top parts of the photo shot was greatly widened to align the image to the bottom parts of the photo. Perspective mode keeps the perspective natural, therefore it has to stretch the upper part of the photo inevitably. With this result, I cropped the center area of the picture and adjust light level slightly to match brightness of left side with right side.

Final result

Close-up picture of red square area



I uploaded the 4 raw files and selected Perspective mode, Blend image together, Geometric distortion correction in the Menu


What the…all about this? Why not use wide angle lens to make it in 1 shot?

The answer is, ‘It depends on …’, but in this specific case, ‘St. Catharina Church’ can not be taken full shot with a wide angle lens, even with ‘super-ultra-wide-angle lens’…

Because there is a large shopping mall across the church, you have to stay close to the church, shoot with a 14mm or 12mm wide angle lens & looking up high to take the whole church. Then nice ultra wide angle distortion comes into play. Church looks extremely distorted as if it were going to be fallen back.

More fundamentally, the ultra-wide-angle lens emphasizes the perspective between the foreground and the background, so the streetlight (where bicycle lean on) will be emphasized greatly, taken up almost half of the photo and the church stands small behind it. This is a general characteristic of wide-angle lens.

The panoramic image in here does not show disturbing perspective distortion as if it were taken from a distance with a standard lens or a mild telephoto lens. Actually many churches in the European cities are not in open space, so you can not take them from afar. Only way to get normal perspective full shot is the panorama.

To be improved

When take vertical panorama shots, I realize the focal plane changed significantly on the upper part because it is slanted a lot from camera sensor plane. Also the top of the picture need to be stretched more during Photoshop process to overlap with bottom part, the image will be partially or overly blurred at the end. (as an example, look for the top sculpture of the church in the panorama photo)

In order to keep the focus of the entire image sharp, it is essential to shoot in the smallest aperture possible, or use Shift lens to minimize focal plane deviation for upper parts shot. Using smallest aperture requires tripod, not handy many cases…. therefore using Shift lens could be a good alternative for hand held shooting. This set up will be tested later    : -)



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