Photoshop practice

I don’t use Photoshop most of time. I prefer to work in LightRoom because there is not many things to do with it… hhh

Photoshop is over complicated & all mighty program which offers hundreds different way to accomplish the same effect.

It also requires a lot of labor hours to handle single image, so ACTION was born.

ACTION is batch function repeating the same adjustment (pre-recorded) over and over. Unfortunately though, not all photo

have the same mood, feeling, and require the same adjustment. Even after an ACTION applied, still individual images

need to be fine-tuned. So it is important to leave adjustment element during ACTION build.

Nevertheless ACTION will save time for photographer, a lot…like 80% or so once get used.

I will share my actions soon once I finalize them. 

PS’ed version

R0019695 PSed 1200.jpgEXIFXEXIF Viewer제조사RICOH모델명GXR MOUNT A12소프트웨어Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows촬영일자2015:01:02 16:57:17노출시간 0.001 s (1/1250) (1/1250)초감도(ISO)200조리개 값F/f/1.0조리개 최대개방F/1노출보정429496728.60 (4294967286/10) EV촬영모드aperture priority (semi-auto)측광모드matrix사진 크기1200×900

Original – strait out of camera

R0019695 no PS.jpg

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