Model portrait session at Pusan Museum of (modern) Art, 7 Jul 2PM


Jul 7 (Sat) 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM:
we’ll have model photo session at Busan Museum of (modern) Art.
Fee : 15,000 won (about 12 USD)

Depends on map, 2 different name used but the same place, either Busan Museum of Art or Busan Museum of Modern Art.
It is located at the next block of BEXCO, famous mega convention center, so drive to BEXCO at first and find Busan Museum…

After the session, we’ll continue beer session ….   Not only fun but good opportunity to expand networking. Give me a message for further details    :- )


I continue photo trip next day as a part of #Bookplan2018, Cityscape of Pusan (8 Jul).   Send message if you are interested and join full or partially along the route.



Photo by ExA


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