Playing with Ixpress adapter for Digital back




I come back to Ixpress adapter work in this weekend, but still not success to make it work.

Here’s some photos for Hasselblad and digital backs I am playing with now….






800px_1-4M2R6494 930px.jpg


SWC/M + Leaf Valeo-22








800px_4M2R6469 930px.jpg


500C, Leaf Valeo-22, C12 film back

Comparision of film area (55mm X 55mm), and digital back sensor (36mm X 48mm).

Digital back sensor is twice bigger than ‘full frame’ but still looks cropped a lot than 6X6 film.








800px_4M2R6488 930px.jpg










800px_4M2R6492 930px.jpg


SWC/M + Leaf Valeo-22








800px_4M2R6497 930px.jpg


SWC/M, Leaf Valeo-22, Hasselblad CF-22




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