Preparation for 2nd model photo session, Taipei

Dear all,


Our 2nd event, model photo session is coming tomorrow. Here, I want you preparing for the session.

Weather is not sun-shiny but challenging weather rewards unique mood and outstanding result most of time.

Be ready to enjoy. 


1) Keep your body warm and dry – weather forecast for tomorrow is ‘a little morning rain’ & temperature is 14 to 18 celcius degree.

Even so, be prepared for wet & cold situation. Keep your body warm is essential to enjoy the session, interact with others

and finish in good healthy condition.


  • recommend to prepare a bag to pack extra cloth, tower, raincoat in case of scattering rain.
  • wear more than light and casual (like we go to mountain for half day trailing)
  • we will walk and stroll, wear comfortable shoes. (No highhill…)
  • bring a water bottle / if you have vacume bottle for hot tea or coffee, please bring it


2) Be aware this is international meetup, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Dutch, American….etc.

We have 2 lead photographers, Frank Yu & Edwin Setiawan.


3) Keep your equipment functional – you don’t want your camera refuse working or you refuse to bring it out of case.

  • preparing oversized vynil bag for your camera & couple of rubber band is good idea. It doesn’t look professional that much, but you don’t care in rainy day, right?
  • use filter and hood if you have.


Most of all, be ready to enjoy, interact and have fun. See you tomorrow !



Best Regards, Leo Kim


0988 143 844







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