Present for Opeanuts (Opeanut members) > LOGO & Design ready : Feb, 28


Here we go…

This is the design of T-shirts for Opeanut members.

T-shirt color is Cacoal for initial lot which will be available in 2-3 weeks







untitled 1.png






Hello, everyone


We are going to prepare presents for Opeanut members as a parts of community promotion and increase members

activities in 2016.

Proposal below is for discussion, nothing fixed or pre-determined yet. Please add your feedback and opinion

to make present better to fit your taste. 


– Present 1 : for whom acquired above a certain point within 3 months period after join.


– Present 2 : for whom post ‘good writing’ selected by community opreation team.

                     Good writing is not necessarily long essay or report. It can be short as long as meaningful

                     & attractive for readers.


– Present 3 : Photo contest, selection from gallery posting


What items?


1) T-shirt with Opeanut logo & classic camera

         The reason why classic camera is to make unique & unusual design as much as we can.


2) Camera strap with Opeanut logo       (leather?)


3) Lens + adapter?…. etc






T-shirt design — Here is an example of unusual classic camera. Hasselblad SWC + Leaf Valeo digital back.

I bet this combination is not impossible to find but extremely rare if any used by photographer in the world.


We can select 2 or 4 tile style or only 1 picture.






Hasselblad 500C and Bronica S2






T-shirts example…. Camera is Flexaret from Checkoslovakia

Wonder who found this stuff and use it in design…hhh











to be continue

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