135mm f1.8, 2 lenses as 1 set, Sigma XQ and Spiratone Telephoto


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Selling 2 of 135mm f1.8 manual focus lenses.

They are old lenses from Japan around 70s, and sign of use here and there. Tested but selling as is due to their age.
I once owned and tested all 4 type of 1970’s Japanese 135mm f1.8s.
Here is 2 (Sigma XQ and Spiratone Telephoto) I am selling, other 2 are Soligor 135/1.8 and Mitake 135/1.8.
I think these are only 4 different type existing in legacy 135 f1.8s, even though they were sold many different name and brands.
Spiratone Telephoto 135/1.8
– This is heaviest lens among 4 types. Spiratone carries another type lens in similar name, Spiratone Ultracoat 135/1.8 which is different lens from this one
  (Ultracoat is the same lens as Soligor 135/1.8)
– Imaging performance wise, this is the best among 4. Sharp at f2.0 & below
– Barrel condition is good, sign of use but no damage mark or deep scratch
– Optics condition is good, some dust typical in old lens
Sigma XQ 135/1.8
– This is lightest lens among 4 types and most scarce. Only lens has 77mm filter while other 3 have 82mm filter
– Imaging performance wise, it started sharp from f2.8 & below. From f1.8 to f2.8, it shows contrast loss & soft rendition as classic optic
– Barrel condition is ok, a little heavy sign of use but no damage mark or deep scratch
– Optic condition is fair, cleaning marks on front element which may induce contrast loss at wide open… but tack sharp from f2.8
Spiratone Telephoto is Konica AR mount & Sigma XQ is Nikon F mount
Spiratone Telephoto does not have front cap, instead I added 82mm Hoya filter as protection
Sigma XQ has front cap but does not have back cap
World wide shipping: free  (air flight and tracking)
Selling as is due to their age. 


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Collect & use old manual lenses with modern digital camera equipment. Buying small and large stock or individual items and selling what has been tested for myself.

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