Canon FT QL, FL 58mm f1.2 and nFD 50mm f1.2 lens set


Selling Canon FT QL film body and 58mm f1.2 FL version and 50mm f1.2 nFD version

Canon FT QL body : mechanical function works good. No problem on slow shutter or high speed.
                 Exposure meter did not tested, due to lack of battery (mercury 625). There is replacement battery for 625 in Ebay but recommend not rely on Camera exposure meter at all.
                 At best, it will work average metering which is far less sophisticated than modern one. Use mobile phone exposure app instead….
Canon FL 58mm f1.2 : 1st version of Canon’s standard f1.2 lens. Later it changed to FL 55mm f1.2, FD 55mm f1.2 and then nFD 50mm f1.2
                 Classic design and decent performer.
                 Overall good condition, no damage or dent on lens barrel
                 Optics is good except some dust and 1 of 2 fungi spots, reasonable status as old legacy lens
                  No front cap but dedicated Canon filter included
Canon nFD 50mm f1.2 : very sharp & clean lens
                 Modern design and color rendition comparing to FL 58mm f1.2
                 Overall good condition, not damage or dent on lens barrel
                 Optics is excellent, clear and clear. Snappy aperture blade
                 Front and back cap
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