[Project plan] Photo Community build up

It was very nice meeting and thanks to Bryan for interesting stories behind his photos.

In these days, it is not so difficult to make (technically) good photo. Camera is sophistcated ever before,

instructions are plenty at internet & practice is computer based, not chemical works….

Yet, story behind the photo is not automated.

Photographer’s experience, idea and his/her stroytelling will be real difference in the over-crowded Photo world.

And Photo community is a platform to share this stories together with photo works.

I am very glad that we have the same idea & will work out to build community in Korea.

There are 2 key worksteps as start-up

  • Use FACEBOOK as gateway to our community : Leo
  • Plan to have 1st Opeanut Korea meetup (photo sesssion) on May or early Jun : Bryan

Will keep you updated.

Leo Kim


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