Prominent Nokton & Leitz Summicrons

The joy of buying new stuff (so called ‘Gireum’) is pulling out old boring items and place a new meaning on them.

Yes, I pull out couple of lenses & play with them after Amedio adapter arrived.

Some say ‘kidult toy’ which is something for grown up but addicted like toys in childhood.

* Don’t confused Kidult toy with Adult toy. They are very very different stuff, you know…. msn031.gif

Nothing serious done (yet), I just take a look them briefly.

DSC04976.jpgEXIFXEXIF Viewer제조사SONY모델명ILCE-7M2소프트웨어Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.촬영일자2015:10:25 15:19:27노출시간 0.003 s (1/350) (1/350)초감도(ISO)100조리개 최대개방F/1노출보정0.00 (0/10) EV촬영모드aperture priority (semi-auto)측광모드matrix사진 크기800×600

Center: Nokton 50mm f1.5, Left : Summicron DR 50mm f2.0, Right : Summicron Rigid 50mm f2.0

Can see the difference of optical size clearly in side by side comparision.

DSC04979.jpgEXIFXEXIF Viewer제조사SONY모델명ILCE-7M2소프트웨어Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.촬영일자2015:10:25 15:20:25노출시간 0.005 s (1/200) (1/200)초감도(ISO)100조리개 최대개방F/1노출보정0.00 (0/10) EV촬영모드aperture priority (semi-auto)측광모드matrix사진 크기800×600

I noticed the coating of Nokton is similar to Summicron DR.

On the other side, Summicron Rigid has distinctively different coating from Summicron DR


Looking for 2 Summicrons, note the lettering is different too.

We can identify production date of Leica lenses relatively easily based on serial number table.

According to it, Rigid produced at 1956, and DR at 1960…. yeah, quite long times ago.

DSC04968.jpgEXIFXEXIF Viewer제조사SONY모델명ILCE-7M2소프트웨어Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.촬영일자2015:10:25 15:13:38노출시간 0.002 s (1/500) (1/500)초감도(ISO)100조리개 최대개방F/1노출보정0.00 (0/10) EV촬영모드aperture priority (semi-auto)측광모드matrix사진 크기800×600

Such an old stuff, but Summicron 2nd generation (both Rigid and DR) remains masterpiece among Leica, or any other lenses

I finished the overhaul of Rigid lens so beautifully clean inside, but Nokton has some haze inside.

To use Nokton properly I think I need internal cleaning too.

– tbc

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