[Rolleiflex] Carl Zeiss Planar HFT 85mm f1.4 Triangle aperture blade generates beautiful Triangle Bokeh.





Carl Zeiss Planar-HFT 85mm f1.4 lens and it’s triangle aperture.







Lens mounted on Kodak DCS 560

There are 2 different version in Rollei QBM adpater.  

4M2R5606 copy.jpg


Below 4 shot is outcome from Ricoh GXR-M


R0018541 copy.jpg


R0018571 copy.jpg


R0018553 copy.jpg


R0018567 copy.jpg


Shot from Kodak DCS 560

Less saturated but much pleasant and artistics color rendition from old Kodak.



38PF8265 copy.jpg


38PF8275 copy.jpg


38PF8288 copy.jpg


38PF8302 copy.jpg


38PF8313 copy.jpg


38PF8351 copy.jpg

#11 Pleasant picturisque background


38PF8366 copy.jpg











 38PF8388 copy.jpg








Beautiful and moody bokeh from Planar HFT

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