Scary butterfly


After come back home, looking at monitor does not bring the same dreadful shock as I saw at the location.

With high resolution file I can see cleary where’s front and back, but….



Here I found wild looking butterfly at Datun mountain today.

As in our world, wild guy often take wear-and-tear suits to show his character

this butterfly has scars & dark lines in his wing…

What the heck is this name???



Here I can see which is head and tail in highly croped file.

But with bare eyes, tail looks exactly the head…









I started to take shots while believing left side (in this picture) is head…









Then struck by the sceen its head split into 2 piece in view finder…. What the….???

Do I discover a mysterious… or alien butterfly first time ever?

(you see how much I’ve got shocked. I almost lost focus…)











When flying looks better.

It is first time for me to see this kind of butterfly ever…








Canon 85mm f1.8 + TechArt III + Sony A7m2





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