[Site renewal update] New design mock-up and function list (01, May)






In this time, site renewal is not a simple design change, but the platform itself is changing.

And there will be important features to be added as below list.

It is not easy to develop and add these functions in the site, but it is steadily advancing.   : -)

The main features are …

1) Responsive design that automatically responds to screen size
2) SEO method for Google search to raise priority of searching result
3) Individual members can attach an advertisement for their articles (Google AdSense)
4) Photograph selling & payment function in Gallery
5) Equipment sale, payment, tracking in the Market

The current design is as follow link.






It is a mock-up site created to review the overall design, and will complete the site by adding

the above functions.
* The original design used in this mock-up is a mobile phone site, some photo remaining… 

As a mock-up, there is no meaningful content, but please visit & look around to see what it looks like.
** We are going to add video function, but it is missing from current mockup