[site renewal update] now, functional test is on going



At last posting, I shared only mock-up to explain how it looks like,

and now approriate coding added to make the site really functional.

The main features are …
    1) Responsive design that automatically responds to screen size         Done, fine tuning design details
    2) SEO method for Google search to raise priority of searching result     Done
    3) Individual members can attach an advertisement for their articles (Google AdSense)    Under testing
    4) Photograph selling & payment function in Gallery                              Under testing
    5) Equipment sale, payment, tracking in the Market         It will be copied from Gallery once testing completed


* Continue to go….

    1) I play with font, size, space…etc to make final design

    2) Editor is not appropriate community site > I will try 2-3 other editors to find simple & easy one

    3) Site response speed  > this is a little hard. Many plug-ins added to add extra functions

                but it also make the coding is not optimal. 

                Will spend some time for optimization while maintain or even enhance functionalities

Progress is slower than hope, but moving forward continously.

Thanks and will keep you updated   : -)








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