Sony A7R II + Canon 85/1.2 Mantou lens

I am struggling with a bunch of raw files taken from Korea travel in last 3 weeks…. but there is a tempting event in Taipei tomorrow, therefore decide caliber the tool again   :- )

It is hot summer here in Taipei, but surprisingly Seoul and Amsterdam are even hotter…. I wonder what’s going on in global weather system… Anyway, there is Taiwan Cosplay event FF 32.

I’ve been PF event, but it is the first time I have chance to go FF event. According to introduction, FF (Fancy Frontier) is main event of Taiwan Cosplay and PF (Petite Fantasy) is a kind of sidekick in spring and autumn.


In this time I will bring Mantou lens, Canon 85mm f1.2 which is acquired last week in Korea. So far so long, Carl Zeiss Planar HFT 85/1.4 was my main lens for portrait. I bought the Planar in 2006 and used respectively. But as getting older, I tend to rely on AF functionality more….

Sony A7R II + Canon 85/1.2 Mantou lens


77mm filter diameter. It was the best and widest aperture lens so long time. Original design started from 1976 as Canon FD SSC Aspherical lens. I am very curious why no other manufacture get into 85/1.2 AF lens market so long time…? Until now?

Now it become a dwarf since Sigma released 105mm f1.4 with whopping 105mm filter size… Mantou’s weak point, heavy and big size is no longer valid   :- )

Size comparison with old faithful Carl Zeiss Planar HFT 85/1.4


[Carl Zeiss] Planar 85mm f1.4, legenary portrait lens





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