Special bokeh lens, Biotar and Pancolar

(Note) This is an introduction what I found and photo is not mine. Original photographer’s Instagram is linked here.  https://www.instagram.com/swiatlografia/


There are plenty of 50mm to 55mm f1.4 vintage lens and some are famous for bokeh more than others. In here, I collect the examples of 2 rare vintage lenses on the web which render extraordinary background blur and bokeh. Unfortunately, they are sought after and very expensive. I didn’t count for them in my lens arsenal quite a while, but I realize the price is getting higher, I mean, ridiculously higher… well.

Probably it is the time to consider trying one or two. If not work for me, I think I can resell it at the same price at least. A rarity in the vintage lens often works for value protection, even though there are cases the high premium price fall down later without apparent reason. Anyway, the risk is there but not high I believe….

Biotar 50mm f1.4

This is a different lens from Biotar 58mm f2.0. Originally cine lens which covers 16mm movie frame and it covers barely 35mm frame if converted to the full-frame lens.


The Biotar 50/1.4 is more like Biotar 75/1.5 instead of 58/2.0. It renders a unique and busy background in a swirly pattern.


Pancolar 55mm f1.4

It renders a bigger and less obstructing bokeh than Biotar 50/1.4. And it is more acceptable and pleasing. It maintains a structured pattern in the background.

Both Biotar and Pancolar comes from East Germany (DDR)



A lot more modern blur, Japanese Noct-Nikkor 58mm f1.2

The background is soft and no structure, like a double line or strange bubble in highlight. This is typical performance of a modern lens. It’s a matter of personal preference which one is better, actually which one you like more. I preferred a lot for structured pattern of Pancolar   :- )






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