Spiraton 135mm f1.8 …. something special for Model shoot out?



Since Sony A7m2 acquired, I am relieved from micro focus error inherited in SLR design.

Hence bunch of large aperture lenses find the space in my dry cabinet suddenly …


50mm f0.95 Mitakon, following 85mm f1.2 FD Aspherical and now 135mm f1.8 Spiraton…


I used to use wide angle large aperture lens, so guess 135mm to be too long for my taste.

But it may be turned out good choice, especially in group photo session.

When many photographers crowded to get the right spot, staying one step back may be better choice to have flexibility

on shooting angle. I am not sure though…


I will come back how it works after the first group session in this Saturday.    msn040.gif




DSC05626.jpgEXIFXEXIF Viewer제조사SONY모델명ILCE-7M2소프트웨어Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.촬영일자2015:11:17 21:59:58노출시간 0.017 s (1/60) (1/60)초감도(ISO)1250조리개 최대개방F/1노출보정1.00 (10/10) EV촬영모드aperture priority (semi-auto)측광모드matrix사진 크기800×800





DSC05645.jpgEXIFXEXIF Viewer제조사SONY모델명ILCE-7M2소프트웨어Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.촬영일자2015:11:17 22:17:33노출시간 0.017 s (1/60) (1/60)초감도(ISO)1600조리개 최대개방F/1노출보정1.00 (10/10) EV촬영모드aperture priority (semi-auto)측광모드matrix사진 크기800×800


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