Spring in Eindhoven


Philips Light Tower.

This is the first place produced light bulbs in Europe, that made Eindhoven’s nickname as ‘City of Light’. It was 1892…quite old days we are talking about… the tower used as factory initially and the headquarter of Philips later. 

Old glorious history is gone now, it’s been converted to a hotel. I’m staying here.


This hotel is actually revived the factory atmosphere and feeling. Only the hotel lobby is a hotel (what I think as), as going up to floors and the room, I feel like walking into partitions on production floor and meeting room which is called a ‘hotel room’. I would not say I like it much, but indeed it is special & unique atmosphere…


A Dutch woman stares in the room. I am not sure what this poster is, probably advertisement in the old days? When Lichttoren still produce light bulb? 


The cold winter, 2 degrees below zero is gone now… haha. It is good weather for outgoing and greeting cherry blossom, or may be Keukenhof where 7 million bulbs are bloom now?


Well, need to pay admission fee at Keukenhof, so I will skip it if I go and drive to Tulip farm next to. That’s place filled with tulips on a postcards. However, many others think the same way, the side road around Keukenhof are jam-pack crowded in the weekend….  :- )


Will see…and to be continued //



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