Stitching problem in Wide Angle Panorama

Wide Angle lens Panorama

It is difficult to merge 2 shots in Panorama seamlessly when use wide angle lenses. Stitching 2 photo requires precise ‘jointing line’ but perspective distortion inherited wide angle lens often ended up uneven jointing line, exaggerated distortion or weird result.

Erasmus Bridge with 17mm lens

Here is 2 photos to be merged. Canon 17-40mm lens used at widest angle. Upper one is building shot from the bridge and lower one is bridge itself. Merging 2 photo will result super wide angle view.

Panorama in LightRoom

LightRoom offers simpler & easier Panorama function than PhotoShop, so I use this primarily. If LightRoom panorama can not handle a certain situation, then I try Photoshop panorama.

Here is LR panorama result. Looks good at a glance… but looking details reveals a major flaw. See below…

Inside red circle, building shows strange pattern, something like pinched paper. Below is enlarged area.  This is not the building itself obviously. It is badly jointed photo lines…


OK, then, how about using PhotoShop?

LightRoom panorama does not have adjustable knob for users. In other word, no matter good or bad, LR is ‘that’s it. Period.’

PS Panorama shows different result because it uses different algorithm to stitch photos. Moreover it works on separate layer & mask per photo. When stitch 2 photos, it generate 2 layers, when 5 photos, 5 layers and so on…

It makes individual layers adjustable precisely with brush and free transform tool which is much superior in difficult Panorama cases. I almost go this way but just 5 sec before I load PS, one thing flash in my head. Did I enable lens correction in LR?

Lens ‘profile correction’ in LR

Because I was not sure, I return to LR and try ‘profile correction’ in this time…. & Voila !!!

Surprisingly I found nothing wrong on building wall, It blends 2 images beautifully …

Enlarged photo shows flawless stitching

I did not go to PhotoShop because LR panorama is decently good in raw. PS is super mighty program but it is complex and time consuming. If LR do the same job, I will stay with LR. Of course, there is time PS must be involved. LightRoom is simple and easy but not sophisticated as Photoshop.

Conclusion : make sure lens profile correction done before Panorama

From this raw file, continue to make BW photo is just a regular workflow.   :- )





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