Studio lighting technique for Portrait


Our Model Photo session at next Sat (27, Aug) is accomodated in studio where studio lighting equipement is available.

Using those equipement or not is just our choice. Most studio charges extra for lighting equipment, for your information…


Of course, what exactly are there and how environment will be is matter of that specific date.

But in general….


1) 1st set-up is ‘classroom’ with large windows and natural lighting. I expect less chance to use lighting in this set up

     but more on reflector if any. Make the scene looks natural is important twick in this type of setup.


2) 2nd set up will be ‘warehouse’ style room where artificial lighting can play a big role. It can alter shadow, direction of light

    or even mimic night scene with multiple angle of lightings.


Here is very basic knowledge about ‘studio lighting for portraits’ from Jeff Meyer.

It is simple 4 steps plus 1 extra vital information to avoid frequent mistake about ‘X sync failure’. 



Jeff Meyer’s studio lighting technique







‘X sync’ is something definitely you keep in mind for flash light including studio lighting.

I simply want to jump to key points without full description.


– Most DSLR camera has 1/250 sec or 1/200 sec as X sync

– You can use the same or slower shutter speed with flash light.

– If higher shutter speed used, photo will be ruined by moving shutter blade.

– If your camera has physically shutter speed dial, X sync indicated with ‘red color’ or ‘electric mark’ or ‘X’ letter

– If your camera has LCD only to show shutter speed, there may be setting to select ‘X sync’ in the menu.

Individual camera may has different method, so please study how to set to ‘X sync’


– If you mount dedicated flash to camera hot shoe, most of Digital Camera detect the flash unit and

changed to ‘X sync mode’ automatically. Again, it is matter of combination what brand flash and camera…

Experiment it first if not sure how it works



* As rule of thumb, if you stay slower than 1/200 sec, will be fine.

* If you have old manual camera with 1/25 sec, 1/60 sec, 1/125sec sync speed, I guess you already know what it is

since you are camera guru…haha





Feel free to share your knowledge, information or link with others in here.









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