Summer goes down


Tropical summer time in Taiwan is over. At daytime, still steamy hot of course but the power of heating is not strong as before

since Sep. started. C’est la vie.


I had travel to Yilan, seaside at last weekend.

Nothing special, boring weather, exhausting heat… no chance to shot whatsoever.

Just spend time to get around to try famous eat-ups in there, Mango ice-mix, Yilan-pancake…



I am very curious about A7R2’s function, especially AF speed with Canon EF lens because I still have Canon SAMUEL (35mm f1.4) lens.

I tried ‘Continous AF + Eye AF’ with A7 II and Commlite adapter but found it is not supported with this combination.

If A7R2 also not support this, I rather swtich to Sony 35mm f1.4 lens instead of Canon SAMUEL.

Does anyone have confirmation?













Already(?) last summer. Hasselblad CF-22





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