[Taipei] NTU / Treasure Hill Artist Village (寶藏巖國際藝術村) part 2

National Taiwan University

It maybe too short course to go to Treasure Hill alone, I included National Taiwan University (NTU) nearby in this time.

They are 600-700 meters away on foot so I planned ‘late afternoon shot’ at NTU and ‘night shot’ at Treasure Hill.

Taipei MRT is easy and convenient as always.

Exit #2 of Gongguan station is the enterance of NTU.

800px L1001250.jpg

I wonder how it works. 2 stories storage of bikes at left side of the gate.

800px L1001252.jpg

NTU occupies big space of the south of Taipei.

Streets in front of the enterance are vivid and energetic at night with young people.

800px DSC05093.jpg

Tree in subtropical weather.

800px DSC05027.jpg

It is good backdrop….

Be aware sunlight is still strong at late afternoon.

800px L1001315-Edit.jpg

Take a walk here and there in the campus…

800px DSC05057.jpg

800px DSC05050.jpg

Ponds and flowers

800px DSC05068.jpg

800px L1001292.jpg

I encountered many foreign students in campus as well.

800px DSC05065.jpg

After about 1 hour wandering, I move toward Treasure Hill.

In this time, want to see how it looks like at night.

Wall painting shows the beginning of the village

800px DSC05097.jpg

It is 1960-70’s slum….as said ‘Past and Present of Taipei city’ it represent old days,

when the country was booming economy, people poured to the city and lived as a part of history of this modern city

800px DSC05099.jpg

Friday night, no tourist !!!      : -)

800px DSC05110.jpg

800px DSC05111.jpg

Here is a scean used for drama.

800px DSC05112.jpg

800px DSC05122.jpg

800px DSC05124.jpg

I could not imagine this scene when visited daytime.

Completely changed atmosphere….

800px DSC05129.jpg

800px DSC05140.jpg

800px DSC05152.jpg


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