[Taipei] Treasure Hill Artist Village (寶藏巖國際藝術村) ; past and present of a city

Taiwan had 2 typoons in this Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.

Fortunately, none did land to Taiwan. One passed by South Seas of the island and the other one passed through North Sea.

In between those 2 typoons, there was 1 gorgeous day. Rain stopped and blue sky pop out in the morning, yet 2nd round clouds not arrived.

It’s time to go out. Not too far though…

‘Treasure Hill Artist Village’ is located at Taipei city, small but attract a lot of tourists.


Map of the village

It is a small town in the 60-70’s when Taipei was booming in industrial developments.

Originally an illegal settlement where people dream better tomorrow & took harsh life at the edge of city.

After generations changed, I remember it was 2004, Taipei city decided to preserve the village and develop as

environmentally sustainable urban community repesenting ‘Past and Present’ of Taipei.

Since the town already diminishing, many empty houses available too. Taipei city calls artist around world

and provides gallery & workspace as regular program.

Now it is urban community, artist residences, studios and historical site all at once.

The village closed in 2007 and re-opened Treasure Hill as artist village in 2010.



I couldn’t find much activity in the town when I visited, probably due to Typoon and Holidays.

But it is known for street performance, mime, play and music. Hope to see some when next visit…

It will take just about 30 min. if walk fast. I mean the village is not so big…

In here, many points and angles are appeared whenever turn the corner of alley or street.

So need slow moving, stay or wait for the right moment of shooting.

Most tourist come, walk fast and leave quickly… but not for photographers




Street Photography is not just photo of a street, it is more likely ‘people’ on the street.

In here, there are not many original residence, so may not be ideal for street photo if come alone.

Or course, there are many tourists all over the world especially in weekends.

* It was first visit for me. Not super impressed at first but delighted for such an unique place inside city.

  I will return when the time of lighting turn on while sunlit still illuminate the streets, about 5 – 7 PM of the day.

  I think it will be very different mood or chance for photography.


Couple of cafes, scattered around the village.



Gallery of an artist & a youthhostel




In the one of galleries

(It is actually small room along the alley…)

Very convenient and easy access via subway (MRT).

It is located in the city nearby Taiwan National University





Another cafe…



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