[Taitung – Yilan travel] Chingshuei cliff


This is the Cliff, Chingshuei (= blue or clear water) on the Road #9 connecting Hualien to Yilian, Taiwan.

The scenary is heavenly beautiful and it is (literally) closer to heaven. It’s narrow 2 lane road and dangerous to drive.

Especially side seater can hardly see road, instead enjoy high altitue sky view through window (of course for whom dare to watch outside).

Now tunnels replaced this extreme driving course, but you can stop multiple spots along the way to walk onto old closed road….


Hualien is famous for ‘Jade’ and also the hottest tourist spot in Taiwan with ‘Taroko Canyon’.

But the Cliff is not crowded with tourist (yet), probablely because hard to access with bus.

If not drive rent car or your own car, local taxi is the best for whom not familiar with this road.




CF025175 800px C.jpg


The water devided clearly with Jade green and deep blue of Pacific ocean.

What makes the color of this water? It it really Jade beneath water? Or is it some kind of chemical debris stacked seaside?

Anyone tried to figure out?









CF025162 800px.jpg










CF025178 800px.jpg












CF025168 800px.jpg





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