Travel-photo walks along historial road in Seoul

Here is a draft plan.

Main theme of meeting :
1) tracking along one of Seoul’s historial road, ‘SungBuk-dong old house & Bukchon road’
2) collaboration event with 2 meetup teams in Seoul

– Travel writing workshop and meetup  (host : Hana LaRock)
– Online Photo-Travel-Write in Korea   (host : Leo Kim, Bryan Watkins)

Date : 18, Jun (Sat)           –> Or can be 1 week earlier 11, Jun
Total distance : 8.7km      –> can be adjusted shorter if needed
expect 3-4 hours walking along the road, visit historical place and temple & take pictures


Tracking start from #1 point, Hansungdae-ipgu subway station, go to old temple, Gilsang-sa, then take a walk through hills & parks,

#4 to #9 and arrive to Anguk subway station.


What’s along the road?

The posting below is written in Korean but many photos included to show what’s along the way.
Traditional house, historical place, temple, old street & new street etc

** I try to find any English article introducing this trail but can’t find…Hmm

After meetup?

– Depends on how big each group is, we may have each team meeting or get together all for tea & talk.

Free to leave earlier or not join after meetup session.

– Members who join this meetup can post photo & writing about the trail to opeanut gallery & board.

Sourvenir will be given to Top-3 (or Top-5?) subscribers.

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