Two men’s photowalk, Longshan temple

One of OPEANUT member,  ‘HakHyun Lee’ came to Taipei from Montreal. It is indeed far away from here & rare opportunity to get together with on-line member in real life.

Longshan temple is Taipei’s tourist spot, I have been there just 2 times, at the first year when my family came here for tour, the next year when wife’s family came, and that was it…  I guess, this is a place to go when a guest come.  :- )


Young and vibrant guy, nickname ‘Through the lens’

We met at Ximending (another tourist place) and walked to Longshan Temple, which is about one stop by subway. I supposed to guide him to there but in reality he guided me to the temple with ‘Google Map’ since the area not familiar with me. Yes, I know, not familiar with modern gadget too..



Crowded always with wishes and blessings, it is the Longshan Temple





























The size of Longshan temple is not particularly big but it is located at the center of Taipei city, thus attracting local people and tourist like magnet
















We accidentally found an old street restored around as 1920-40 period on the way to the temple.



Nice setup for movie or drama. There is a team to take scenes…



It would be nice, I thought, to have ‘photowalk’ with Taipei members here… but the moment I think about it, I found the street is already over … too small.



Back to Xiemending, one of many narrow alleys




Recently, I wrote a new discovery, ‘TechArt Adapter + Canon FD 55 / 1.2’ as an article. Picture taken with that equipment. After photo shoot, we wrap up the meeting with talking about camera and lenses. Nice sidekick


It was real pleasure to meet someone who shares the same hobby and interest, but located the other side of the world. Hope ‘Hakhyun Lee’ enjoy trip to Taiwan and have a lot of happy days next year.   Bye  :- )




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