Unboxing Hasselblad CF-22, looks boring square box but…





Hasselblad CF-22 attached to Mamiya AFD




The most outstanding thing for Hasselblad CF digital back (including old Imacon 96, 132…etc) is its interchangable adapter to various

medium format camera. This is not imaginable in the others, Leaf, Kodak, Phase One & Mamiya.

You can use Mamiya 645 Pro series or Rolleiflex 6008 with the single DB if you want (& if you get their interfaces, of course)







Next thing is the Hasselblad CF design does not match well with whatever medium format camera ever produced.

Even Hasselblad H or V are not well fit too, due to unique grey color (no one else use) and boring square box shape.









When I saw CF-22 in the picture before buy, I can not estimate the size but it is obviously smallest when I line up 4 DBs.

I think I will get used to dull grey color and square shape pretty quickly…. haha














As a comparision, Kodak 645M looks not big if stay alone but actually biggest one if compared with 3 others.

But it embeded so well to AFD, almost like 1 piece of the camera or orginally parts from Mamiya camera.








Without battery at the bottom, still bigger than CF-22.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t so bad. In real work, Kodak 645M is well balanced with camera, & very pleasing to use..







I bought CF-22 with Mamiya AFD adapter, so will look for Hasselblad V and Rolleiflex 6008 interface. (If you have & want to sell, let me know)

I don’t think that I can find Mamiya 645 Pro adapter, or if found I am not sure still I want to buy it or….

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