Unboxing Nicca Type-5 (Leica LTM camera in 1954) with Nikkor-S.C 5cm f1.4

Nicca Type-5

Nicca arrived from Japan, the day before yesterday. I will do quick test for this old stuff in this weekend & here’s un-boxing story.

Nicca Type-5 is much advanced LTM camera in those days but buying point in this specific camera is the lens, Nikkor-S.C 5cm f1.4. For anyone who still use LTM camera, like Leica IIIc or IIIf, Nicca Type-5 is excellent back up to consider. We’ll see why in the following pictures.



Nikkor lens, strange enough as LTM lens it has close focus capability. But range finder cam is not working below 1m, then how it works???

Only other lens I know, close focus is Summicron DR from Leica, but it has extra cam for close range and accessory goggle to use in close range. How come Nikkor-S.C did close work without having any supportive device?

* lens is at infinite position



** lens is at close focus. Note the barrel extended much longer than typical LTM lenses.


Focusing down to 45cm is normal in SLR category, but extraordinary thing in RF. Only Summicron DR and Nikkor as I know can do this job.

RF version Nikkor-S.C is Sonnar design lens while the same name used for different type lens for SLR, Nikon F which is Planar design. In general, German manufacturer put different name for different lens design while Japanese stick with single brand name for all of their lenses.


In here, Nikkor is brand name, S stands for ‘7 element’ and red C for ‘Coated’.



Top side of Nicca is typical layout of LTM (Leica Thread Mount) camera. But you can see a door located at the back, very unusual for LTM camera.



Better look for back door



Most of LTM camera, just open the bottom and install the film through narrow slot in between shutter block and film pressure plate as the same as Leica LTM body design.



Round aperture of Nikkor-S.C.



Just for my curiosity, I put another Sonnar derived lens, Russian Jupitar-3 with Nikkor-S.C side by side.

Nikkor-S.C is re-designed Sonnar type, f1.4 lens. Jupitar-3 is exact copy of Carl Zeiss Jenna Sonnar 5cm, f1.5.



2 lenses’ exterior



Back side of them. 0.1 aperture difference makes exit pupil differs slightly, even though not noticeable easily



Actual photo will come later….




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