Vintage Lenses

Hi, I’m Harry who likes taking pictures. I’m currently residing in Montreal, Canada.

I, myself, take pictures with modern very “clean” digital cameras, but I find there are certain looks that can’t be generate from photoshop.

I’m not saying highly corrected modern lenses are bad, though there are many old lenses with their special looks, the special feeling from imperfect lens designs, various cultural backgrounds and reflections of the era that the lenses were built from.

When it comes to defining a lens’ characteristic, often single shot comparison is lacking the entire look of the lens; light situation can change, distance between object and background can change and out-of-focus region differ with so many variances: distance, aperture so on and on. So, I think it’s better to record the forementioned changes and stop the videos to compare side-by-side.

There are some lens geeks like many of us 🙂 and there are some comparison videos, especially vintage cinema lenses and some 50’s I own.


If you want to watch the videos and compare, follow the links below.

Vintage Lenses in Modern Cinema:

50mm Lens Comparison:

Since the physics of lenses does not change too rapid, I think it’s good idea to find your preferred look and go with the lens.