What I have been collected, and coming more…. TLRs


Recently I search and purchase various TLRs to expose films and put together basic information for TLR (data base).


Mamiya C33, 80mm, 65mm, 135mm set

Rolleicord Vb

Rolleiflex 3.5E

Yashica LM –> Sold out

Ikoflex IIa


Other than Rolleiflex, TLR is not expensive tool in general thus no heavy pressure on finance side, but I run out of space quickly in dry cabinets

due to many other photo stuff still occupied them (I have 2 large size cabinet). After some of handling experience I (will) return them to ‘World Market’.

I can not buy and keep those interesting items all the time. I need to keep some in a certain period of time, and contine gathering others in different

time frame, to make sure I am not drawn in the pool of camera.


I am still looking for,


Olympus 2.8,

Rollop 2.8,

Ikoflex III


I almost scratch out Semflex Oto 3.5 Angenieux version in the list….

it’s price comparing function and performance deviate too much from reasonable expection I think.



What else are there worth to buy and play with?





Olim_02 850px.jpg













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