What-ne, what-suh (arrived) #1 : TechArt NEX III adapter


This is fastest delivery from China I’ve ever got. The adapter ordered the day before yesterday come to my home suddenly.

Pleased with big surprise I rush to open the box to see what how it works….. and found as I heard it is a bug pack.



Light speed delivery from China, this is TechArt NEX III






Well dampend box.

There is enough space around the adapter box inside. Looks pretty much safe along the way.







Passport of inspection. Well, it’s good try to get customer’s confidence but actual performance is real key factor

to maintain the confidence, not a pass certification. I wonder what they tested and how it performed at factory…








I’ve build up a habit to play with photography equipment using common sense and long time experience without reading manual.

But this is such a notorious item as ‘bug pack’ so I start to read manual before anything else.

As conclusion, I could not figure out any….hhh (I think Techart need to renew their manual carefully and seriously)




Initial test

According to wisdom from Internet, this adapter should be updated to newest Firmware as soon as arrived.

But question is how to. Manual does not help & information in Internet is junk of confusing statements, questions and

frustrations from users.


I decided to attach anyway to see what happen.

It works (!!!) but….



1) At Nor mode, it works couple of time then become frozen with white washed out screen

2) Detach & attach makes it working again but freeze again in black screen in this time

3) Fn mode is not working at all. It beeps ‘AF rignt’ signal even focus ring did not turn at all









This switch is unique feature of TechArt adapter


Nor (Normal mode) : It works as an adapter. Camera recognizes the lens as 3rd party lens & enables AF functions. But some special features

                                  (e.g. EyeAF) are not activated

Set                           :  Used for Firmware update

Fn (Function mode) : This is unique. It emulate the adapter as genuine Sony lens. Camera recognizes the adpater as Sony lens so activate

                                   special functions like EyeAF etc…








Firmware Update

Yes, this is indeed very first step to make the adpater working. TechArt manual is useless. The confusing matter on Internet

caused by the same reason, TechArt mixed up all kinds of informations, e.g. Contax G adapter & old NEX I or II version adapters.

When users request help to customer service, they replied without clarifying what user has, or simply they are unware technical

differences and key features among them.






I feel like this adapter is still Proto type in lab. Developers know about it in detail and know how to handle properly or

how to shortcut if any error happen. But they don’t figure out how ordinary users handle this adapter…


1) Install ‘TechArt Application’ to your mobile phone. Menu appears as above.

2) Enable Bluetooth function of the phone

3) Attach the adapter without lens & turn camera ON

4) Change mode switch to Set

5) Turn camera OFF *

* This is not intuitive at all …. but should turn OFF to make adapter’s Bluetooth activated

6) Check Bluetooth menu at mobile phone & confirm TechArt NEX III device recognized **

** In this stage, don’t try to paring them (phone & adapter). It will return error saying password not matched.

Just move to next step

7) Select firmware version at mobile phone menu and click Update

8) Progress displayed at bottom-left side, and show ‘Successful’ at the end if upload finished.


If manual was clear to follow, much of frustration could be prevented.

Then users would not suffer from incorrect informations from Internet either (e.g. ‘set aperture to F90’, ‘camera must be sleep mode’…etc.)

They are part of old information for their old adapters which should not mixed up with NEX III version.






Performance after Firmware upgrade


Nor mode : Much improved & useful if not perfect. AF speed is impressively fast. I don’t compare it with latest Canon body but

comparing with Kodak DCS 560 (= Canon EOS-1 body) resulted ‘same or very close’ in AF speed.

– AF-S mode : Excellent performance

– AF-C mode : First shot is good but second & after shot missed focus. Continous focus and continous shot did not

matched properly or I may missed key setting(s) to make them working together. Continue investigation…


* Still freezing from time to time.

‘Turn AF ring & retry’ or ‘power off & on’ will make the camera back to working condition.

I think the firmware still need to be optimized further.




Fn mode : ** NOT working properly. Quite disappointing, it beeps even the focus is awefully out…

I will retry Firmware update, and check out any potential setting regarding it’s function.

I guess there are many others who suffered the same problem and know how to fix it, so continue searching information

in Internet but finding right info will be challenging. Will try…





(Update continue …)






Canon 35mm f1.4 @1.4  (nick: Samuel)









Canon 85mm f1.8 @1.8  (nick: baby Mandu)













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