[Work note] Yilan Panorama shot

Definition of ‘panorama’ and ‘stitching’

  • Panorama : photo stitched to make elongated frame horizontally OR vertically, or cropped from single frame as elongated frame, it is the panorama
  • Stitching : photo stitched horizontally AND vertically to make normal frame, 2:3, 3:4, 4:5 and 1:1

Hot spring, Jiaoxi, Taiwan

I visited Jiaoxi township which is located north-east side of Taiwan at last weekend. My younger son will leave home in next week heading to the school in UK, and starting his own life independent from parents (finally!). It is a short family trip, not for photo but can not escape from recent experiments, a panorama and stitching.

Film strip

I shot 6 photo in series to merge together. I also tried vertical shots (see Nr 71) and merged them, but final size of vertical version is way to big, 174 MB (17,214 X 10,142), so here I process horizontal shots to ended up more reasonable size, 15,727 X 5,511 pixels

Stitch together

This is merged raw file, ready to go to next steps. As mentioned, final size is 83M (15,727 X 5,511)

At first, need to correct slanted horizon and then fill-in or crop the frame as basic processing

After horizon correction and cropping

Mid day shot

Mid-day shot is usually boring, at least in the most landscapes… so I tend to shot in IR in midday when I had private converted Nikon D-70IR. And now, no more the IR camera I have, shot in BW conversion in mind. But before I jump to BW conversion, I played with color presets I generated for sunset. I am not a fan to fake sunset, but tried anyway to see what will happen.

* Click photo to see large size.    With sunset preset, it become more dramatic but looks obviously fake. 

Any preset when applied, it is a starting point of following post-processing. It will indicate where to go further from there.

Align brighter clouds with real sun position & tone down

It is still heavily processed but less fake-ish than first one. But anyway, I do not prefer color work for mid day shot…

Black and White landscape, at midday

 * Click photo to see large size. 

Black and White is more appropriate for mid day landscape in my personal opinion. BW photo is a medium by default heavily processed since it removes color and present only grey tones for colorful world.

Overall, the photo processed a little bit darker, in low-key style.



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