Working for Chinese edition in Moon festival at Taiwan

Moon festival in Autumn started.



I will spend some time to work
out Chinese version in the Opeanut site to save extra loading for layout change.




By the way, Moon festival is
a seasonal holiday, in both Korea and Taiwan, but Taiwan case is not that
big (I mean not significant)

compare to Korea. I think weather &
climate influence the culture of different countries, to make the difference
like that.




Autumn, especially moon festival
period, in Korea is the season to finish agricultural activity, and more importantly
preparing cold winter

which is deadly season if not prepared well. Temperature
drop down to negative 10 to 20 degree for months.




In Taiwan, Autumn is still busy
with farming or even busier than summer time due to mild weather for crop and

So there is no such a meaning like Korean that finish farming and
prepare winter.




On the other hand, New Year in lunar
calendar is a biggest festival in Taiwan which is the year end literally and time
to greet coming new year.

So family gathering, take a time to rest & relax,
enjoy festivals outdoors take places. In Korea new year is also important but in
the weather

in negative 10 – 20 Celsius degree, not many things to do other
than family gathering.








– Winter below freezing degree
makes significant differences in culture.. 






I hope you all enjoy nice holiday.






Moon cake (yuie-bing)

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