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All About Peanuts

Convenient, tasty, healthy, and affordable — in a word? Peanuts! Because whether you want to support your health, promote better eating habits, or just make your meals last longer and taste better, peanuts and peanut butter offer plant-based protein and nutrients that really do have it all.

History & Facts

From the hundreds of inventions by Dr. Washington Carver to their essential applications in nutrition and cooking, the story of the peanut is one well worth cracking in to.

Growing & Variety

The process of growing peanuts in the United States is unlike just about any other nut, but it produces some of the best-tasting and best-for-you snacks in the world.

Nutritional Breakdown


Feel your best with a unique blend of plant-based protein, healthy fats and body-fueling carbohydrates.


As a good source of fiber, peanuts can help satisfy hunger, aid digestion and a whole lot more.


AKA vitamins and minerals, the diverse assortment of micronutrients found in peanuts can have profound benefits.


Found in peanuts and peanut skins, bioactives hold benefits beyond basic nutrition.

Peanut Products

Peanut Butter

Dive in to the details of one of America’s favorite staples.

Peanut Oil

Get the tasty truth about one of the culinary industry’s favorite cooking oils.

Peanut Flour & Powder

Discover all the possibilities of a deliciously healthy gluten-free flour.

Peanut Benefits

What is the level of protein in peanuts? Are peanuts good for weight management? Check out tons of peanut nutrition facts and information from the Peanut Institute for all you need to know about this superfood and why it should have a prominent place in your diet.