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African Heritage Recipes

Celebrating Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month and the contributions of George Washington Carver, The Peanut Institute has partnered with Oldways, a food and nutrition nonprofit, to assemble a collection of African recipes.

From West Africa:
Suya-spiced Salmon
While suya typically refers to the skewers of grilled meats sold by street vendors across West Africa, it’s also the peanut-based spice blend used to season the meat. At-home cooks can make their own suya with peanut powder, ginger, garlic, paprika and other spices and use it to season salmon or any other type of fish.

Jollof Rice
This is one of the most iconic recipes originating from the continent of Africa with various countries and tribes each having their own versions. At its core, the dish consists of long-grain rice cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, aromatics and spices. Other ingredients can be added, based on who’s making it. Jollof rice is an excellent accompaniment to Suya-spiced salmon.


Efo Riro with Peanuts
This recipe features greens cooked in a bold, savory sauce that’s made from peppers, tomatoes and other aromatics. It originated in Nigeria, specifically from the Yoruba tribe where the name efo riro translates to “mixed greens.” While the dish is traditionally prepared with different meats, this plant-forward recipe combines soaked peanuts with mushrooms to deliver a meaty texture and savory flavor.

From Zimbabwe:
Dovi Collard Greens
Dovi is a peanut sauce enjoyed in stews throughout Zimbabwe and can contain either meat, vegetables or both. The Peanut Institute recipe forgoes meat and substitutes collard greens as the main ingredient. It is a wonderful side dish or can be converted into a complete meal by adding protein.

Millet Sadza
In Zimbabwe, stews are served with a thickened porridge known as sadza. This recipe uses millet flour but it can also be made with corn flour.


These recipes showcase how peanuts and other healthy ingredients are used throughout the world. Enjoy!